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Polishing marble - hard floor and wall coverings

Brasco is a new dimension of cleanliness in your city




1. For washing and cleaning of floors and walls of hard coverings (marble, terrazzo, granite, ceramics, concrete, asphalt, etc.), depending on origin, age and dirt, it is used machine-mechanical method, with careful selection of cleaning materials and abrasive cleaning products. After a thorough washing and drying, depending on the base, it can be done impregnation or crystallization.

"Impregnation is performed by applying protective transparent acrylic emulsion in two to three coatings. Protected base is polishing with hi- speed machines to a high shine. All surfaces treated in that way remain protected and shiny 4-6 months, depending on the frequency of passing. This method is applied to the marble, granite and terrazzo. We recommend regular maintenance of the treated area to preserve the beautiful appearance and quality of stone.
»The method of crystallization gives to the stones longer-lasting protection and shine. The process involves thorough washing machine, removing dirt, applied crystallizer rubbing it with hi speed machines to achieve the natural surface hardness and shine of the limestone rock.

2.  Mechanical grinding of hard floors (marble, terrazzo, asphalt) with different abrasive stones (max. 8 pieces). This method removes the damaged and scratched layer of floor coverings and gets a "new" polished - shiny stone.

Laminate, ceramic, PVC flooring, linoleum flooring, are also deep cleaned and impregnated. Depending on the floor type, it is used for washing and cleaning rotary disk machine with abrasive pads, microfiber pads or abrasive hand, professional detergents for washing and cleaning, and after drying apply acrylic emulsion or some type of wax. All emulsions that BRASCO used to protect are very resistant to frequency of passing and waterproof.