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Washing floor coverings - flooring coverings

Brasco is a new dimension of cleanliness in your city




There are three reasons why manufacturers of soft floor coverings recommend regular cleaning and maintenance:
1) The representative factor: people want to feel comfortable and welcome.
2) Economic factor: a good maintenance program prolongs the original look of floor coverings.
3) Hygiene factor: well maintained soft floor coverings affects to the quality of air in the premises.
Floor coverings (carpets, different kind of carpets, etc..) are cleaned with machine in 3 phases as follows:

  1. Washing with professional machines – with rotating brushes, a small number of revolutions (150 revolutions / min.) with unloading dispensing warm water and professional cleaning liquid and disinfection for textile floor coverings. With an import cleaning liquids we remove very effectively stains of all backgrounds.
  2. Flushing and disinfection will be done with special machines that emit clean water under the slight pressure and at the same time during the washing process those mashines with strong power absorb dirty water from surface and floor coverings.
  3. Deep absorption is the final part of cleaning, by which it would be once again removed dirt as well as excess fluid accumulated in the carpets texture. After washing,  surface of the floor coverings remains minimal wet, but basic element of the floor coverings or carpets are completely dry.

It is achieved  in this way deep cleaning and disinfection of all floor coverings, regardless of composition, with the guarantee that the basic part of the floor coverings will not be even slightly wet, so the washing carpets on the parquet floor is completely safe

This method will extend the life of floor coverings if it is done regularly.